Membership Options

The goal of CoLab NYC is to provide inspiring space at less than market prices in a stable, non-escalating environment. CoLab NYC is a registered nonprofit looking to pass on any savings to its members. 

The space allocation philosophy minimizes the per person cost. We offer shared offices, cubes, tables, desk and counter/stool space.


Hot Desk

Starting at $250/month

A guaranteed workspace in a common area. Just bring your laptop, scope out a spot and get to work!


Dedicated Desk

Starting at $650/month

A desk of your own in a shared space. With all of your tools in your lockable desk drawers, you're ready to jump in as soon as you sit down.


Private Offices

Pricing varies.

Enclosed, lockable offices for both small and large teams. These offices are move-in ready with desk, chairs, bookcases and filing cabinets customized to meet your needs.

Manhattan xCollaborative - SPREADS.jpg

Executive Suite

Pricing varies.

The best of both worlds. The executive suite provides autonomy within community. This suite of offices has a dedicated conference room, a reception or team area and 3 additional offices of varying size which can accommodate a team of up to 15 people.